Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wow! Exciting! My first blog post. I just wanted to keep a record of and be able to quickly share the things I have been doing/creating. In this first post, I am showing a pic of the light fixture that I made for my Aunt Mary's new kitchen renovation. It is now hanging over her kitchen sink.

Also, I have been making a quilt for Garrett's 5th grade class to donate to the Sequoyah Elementary Foundation Benefit for auction on March 2, 2012. My wonderful Mom has been helping me..."the Quilting Guru". She's a-maz-ing! First, I had all of the kids in the class make their handprints on an 8X8 piece of white fabric using fabric paint. Then, they could embellish and sign them. After they dried, my Mom and I sewed them together with fabric that had colors that coordinated with the handprint colors. This pic shows where we are now. The quilt layers have been put together and mostly quilted. Next, we will put the binding on, and it will be finished!


  1. Fabulous work! And you quilt too!? Rock on, Patty!

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  3. SWEET! We have an awesome quilt made by you, Kelly calls them our "special" covers.
    Love the blog!
    Love ya!